Juice Plus+ is the perfect compliment to The Divine Strength Diet Plan.

First, it maximizes the alkalizing effects of whole foods to help balance blood insulin and blood chemistry with the goodness of 17 raw, chemical, and pesticide-free fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Secondly, it helps to insure that you and your family get a healthy variety of whole foods  year round. For example, kale is the #1 anti-cancer vegetable. How often is it on your menu? Finally, as much as 75 percent of nutritional power is lost in just five days after fruits and vegetables are picked. Juice Plus+ is grown in nutrient-dense soil, allowed to ripen, then picked and juiced within 24 hours. This helps you bridge the gap between the nutrition your body needs and the nutrition lost in produce that is harvested early, refrigerated weeks, and shipped days before it reaches your family's table.

Don't take our word for it. Over 25 independent studies from various universities and medical institutions support the many healthful benefits of Juice Plus+ products. Click here to read the research or to purchase Juice Plus+..

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Juice Plus+, Whole Food Nutrition

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Juice Plus Whole Food Nutrition
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